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Caution Paddling may cause you to find your Happy Place

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Bret picked up A Crusader Fisherman a few weeks back.

He was keen to get into some lesser fished places in a kayak.

Looks like it turned out pretty well from what he says below.

IbrettMG_0437 BrettIMG_0451

“Fished all over in Jack country and have never done this well.”

In one session, the Crusader gets me amongst it, “Stealth is Wealth”.

46 Next birthday, 105kg slim.

Pick your tides and its happy days. Stoked As!.





Baffle Creek Raft race

We sponsored the 2015 3k kayak race, at The Baffle creek Raft race last weekend,(07/06/15) and i have to say it was one of the most enjoyable events we have attended.

Baffle Creek Raft Races 2015

Baffle Creek Raft Races 2015

The Koastal Kayaks 3K Race

The Koastal Kayaks 3K Race

Dogs Breakfast Raft Race

Dogs Breakfast Raft Race

Building Rafts

Building Rafts


Raft building and racing, kayak, sup and canoe racing all held in an atmosphere of fun. Great people. great coffee, food and Baffle Beer (nice drop too)

If you are looking for a fun filled family day out get out to the next Baffle creek raft race.

See you there next year.


The Right Kayak

The best part of my job is getting people set up with the right kayak and the right gear that suits them.

If your thinking about getting into paddling, ask yourself what is going to be the main use of kayaking. Is it fishing, fitness training or casual paddling?

This will determine which kayaks to consider.

Families need extra room so the Aqua 2 double kayaks suit.

Double up Aqua 2 kayaks

Double up Aqua 2 kayaks

Kayak for the dogs

Kayak for the dogs

Recently we kitted out these guys with Aqua 2′s.

Crusader kayaks for the second time

Peter picked up a couple of Crusader kayaks recently.

He mentioned that they had previously owned two Crusaders, only selling them so he could fit shorter kayaks on the rear of his motorhome.

Unfortunatley the shorter kayak didnt measure up to his previous experience in the Crusaders.

Better tracking, a weight of only 18kg and being a pleasure to use, bought him back to the Crusader.

Its one of the best tracking kayaks in the under 4m category.

So loaded up on a trailer these Crusaders will be exploring waterways wherever they travel.

DSCN0513     Crusaders for the second time.

Crusaders for the second time.

Have fun guys.

The Italian Crusader

Jal Picked up a Crusader a while ago and he hasn’t wasted any time in putting it through its paces.

He has paddled around Magnetic island, through the Withsundays and the Noosa river Everglades.

Check out the pics.

Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island

20150123_151600 20150125_122620

Heading To magneteic Island

Heading To magneteic Island

IMAG0034 IMAG0048 IMAG0051 IMAG0276 IMAG0052

Schute Harbour

Schute Harbour

Kayaking Around Australia

Well not really kayaking around Australia.

Haley is a travelling photographer making her way around Australia. Haley dropped by the Factory to pick up a kayak, with a veiw to get into some untouched places. Always chasing that perfect picture.

Stability being a key requirement the Pacer Fish pack was chosen.

The stepped hull provides stability in that when the centre section sits down in the water, the outer parts of the hull act as a type of outrigger on each side increasing stability.



Have Kayak, Bike, Van and Camera, cards. Will travel.

Enjoy the trip Haley.

Canoe vs Kayak

Which is better a canoe or Kayak? This is a common problem our customers come up against.

It really depends on your needs, if you want maximum storage, a canoe is the answer. If you are looking for a craft that will handle rough water then a kayak is more suited.

Kayaks and canoes can be a a simple craft with as little as a paddle maybe a fishing rod some tackle and bait. Or you can fit then out with the latest gadgets, load up on electronics, fish finders, gps, epirb, sounders and phones. Once again it depends on what you want. take some time and consider where you are goint to go, how you intend to travel and who is going.

John dropped by last week and was impressed by the features of both canoes and kayaks, so……………he picked up one of each.

Problem solved.

Kayak or Canoe? Why not one of each.

Kayak or Canoe?
Why not one of each.



The Italian Crusader

Jal hails from Italy, he picked up a snappy looking Crusader

crusaderphoto 3

To try his luck fishing around Queensland.

Chasing fish from a kayak gives you an advantage over boats in that its quiet, you can get closer to the fish.

The sleek lines of the Crusader make for a quiet paddle. Its a fast paddling kayak compared to most fishing kayaks. Being only 18kg makes it a breeze to load and move to the water.

The Italian Crusader.

The Italian Crusader.

Have fun Jal.


Scamp Fish Kayak

Gary picked up a Scamp Fish, to try his hand at kayaking.

I am sure we will see him on the many waterways bundaberg has to offer.

Gary is on the water.

Gary is on the water.

Thanks Gary.

Beginners Luck? Maybe not

Paul dropped into the shop Saturday morning and after some careful thought and good hearted banter he picked up two Pacer Fish Packs.

While he was there he had been telling me how they had always seemed to miss out on the elusive barramundi and wanted to give kayak fishing a go.

Now fishing from a kayak has some advantages from other forms of fishing.

Its quiet, you can get into areas that the larger boats can’t reach, and when you hook up a decent fish there is more give between you and the fish. The fish can tow you around a bit, this is the secret to it.

So Paul and his mates loaded the kayaks, Paul was dead keen to have a go.

Double Pacer Fish Packs

Double Pacer Fish Packs

Loaded up at around 11:30am Saturday.

Kayak Fishing at its best.

Kayak Fishing at its best.

Had a nice fish by just on dark Saturday afternoon.

Thats gotta be some kind of record.


Nice fish

Nice fish

Well done fellas.

Was it a case of beginners luck? maybe not. you gotta be on the water having a go.

These guy gave it a good crack, and the results speak for themselves.

Kayak fishing is the way to go.