Dave From Bundaberg shares his experience below about buying a Kayak from us.

I hired a kayak at Noosa twelve months ago and had been wanting to buy my own ever since.

About a month ago I finally bit the bullet and after much Internet research settled on the Glide kayak from Koastal Kayaks.

Koastal Kayaks had a good selection of kayaks in stock and the prices were well below anywhere else for similar kayaks.

I basically bought a brand new yak for a second hand price and it came with seat and paddle to boot.

I’ve had a chance to get it wet a few times too.

Sandy hook is nice for a relaxing paddle through the week when the speed boats aren’t ripping along beside you and I took it into the Burnett to test out the five rod holders it came equipped with.

Unfortunately I didn’t catch anything but that is nothing more than a sad reflection of my fishing abilities.

On Boxing Day I took her out to Lake Monduran to try my hand at catching barra and bass.

If you haven’t been to Monduran I suggest you give it a burl in a kayak. It stretches on forever and has a nice little campground nearby.

When I landed my first fish of the trip I don’t know who was more surprised, me or the fish but it was a great feeling to bring one onto my little kayak.

I have found a lot of positives with this kayak and not a lot to complain about.

It doesn’t sit too deep in the water and I found that when I paddled along a shallow creek with another kayaker a few weeks ago I would glide above the rocks that he hit.

Its short length makes turning a breeze but surprisingly it tracks pretty well if you maintain proper paddling technique.

It’s light enough that I can easily lift it on and off the car unassisted and I even carried it about 200 metres the other day to avoid the boat ramp queue.

With five rod holders that are in good positions for fishing but manage to stay out of the way of my paddle this is truly a great fishing kayak.

I have only one suggestion for improvement. A drink bottle holder that mounts onto one of the rod holders would be fantastic.

Sometime during this summer I plan to really stretch her legs on a 50 odd kilometre round trip at the Noosa Everglades.

I’ll see if I’m up to it and if there’s enough storage space to handle camping. I think if I pack light I should be fine.

The Glide has become a bit of a village bicycle with a number of family and friends trying it out only to ask me where they can buy the same one.

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