The pacer is our most popular kayak. Being a stable nimble little craft it suits families as the sit on top design is extremely safe.

Whether you want to mix it up in the surf of paddle along a quiet creek the pacer will serve you well.

The 20KG weight make it suitable for children to handle in and out of the water. It has a capacity of 150KG so adults can enjoy it as well.

The Pacer has been in production at Koastal Kayaks since 1997 and it is as popular as ever.

Great design, simple styling and functionality never go out of fashion.


RRP. $590


At 78cm wide it makes for a very stable kayak, hence its popularity with families.


The all around grab rope makes it easy to handle the pacer.

A unique feature of the pacer is it has been designed to stack on top of each other. This means it is easy to transport to and from the water. When the pacer is “nested” on top of another upside down on roof rack it makes for secure transport.

Stackable Pacer

Easy stacking saves space
Easy stacking saves space



Weight: 20kg

Width: 78cm

Length: 278cm

Height: 38cm

Capacity: 150kg

Pacer Stacks to save room.
Pacer Stacks to save room.

Pacer Features:

  • Australian Made
  • General purpose family craft
  • Fishing
  • Rivers, Lakes, Dams, Open Water
  • More efficient keel
  • Deeper recessed seat
  • Foot well built into the wall of craft
  • All round grab rope
  • 2 hatches
  • Drain plug
  • 1 paddle
  • Front and rear handles
  • Built Tough to take plenty of punishment

Ready to become the next proud owner of a the Pacer Kayak?

RRP. $590

10 Year warranty on the Pacer

(Gotta Love That)

Available for pick up from Koastal Kayaks Factory Outlet 22 Commercial St Bundaberg QLD



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