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Crusader Max 2+1

The Best Paddling 2+1 Kayak on the Market.

Based on the Crusader design, it tracks better than any other 2+1 kayak!

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If you are looking for a family kayak that is no slouch when paddling, the crusader Max 2+1 is the perfect kayak.

RRP $950

Either using by yourself as a single, or fitted out with two seats and a backrest in the middle position it performs well.

Dimensions & Features:

  • Length: 3750 x
  • Width:800 mm  
  • Weight: 29 KG
  • Capacity: 200KG
  • Two full backrests
  • Two Paddles
  • Two Hatches & Bags
  • Heavy Duty carry handles
  • The Best tracking 2+1 Kayak on the Planet (seriously)



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Many other 2+1 kayaks have rounded sterns and bows without well defined hull rakes, this leads to bad tracking and reduced control of the kayak. The Crusader 2+1 sleek hull shape and sharp bow gives an efficient transfer of energy when paddling ensuring safe and enjoyable paddling.

To recieve the most benefit from your paddling it must be easy and enjoyable, otherwise it is unlikley to happen. In the Crusader Max 2+1 we have inproved the design to give more room on the deck of the kayak as well as widening the kayak. Giving extra stability without reducing performence.

Available from Koastal Kayaks 22 commercial St Bundaberg QLD

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