Canoe vs Kayak

Which is better a canoe or Kayak? This is a common problem our customers come up against.

It really depends on your needs, if you want maximum storage, a canoe is the answer. If you are looking for a craft that will handle rough water then a kayak is more suited.

Kayaks and canoes can be a a simple craft with as little as a paddle maybe a fishing rod some tackle and bait. Or you can fit then out with the latest gadgets, load up on electronics, fish finders, gps, epirb, sounders and phones. Once again it depends on what you want. take some time and consider where you are goint to go, how you intend to travel and who is going.

John dropped by last week and was impressed by the features of both canoes and kayaks, so……………he picked up one of each.

Problem solved.

Kayak or Canoe? Why not one of each.
Kayak or Canoe?
Why not one of each.