Beginners Luck? Maybe not

Paul dropped into the shop Saturday morning and after some careful thought and good hearted banter he picked up two Pacer Fish Packs.

While he was there he had been telling me how they had always seemed to miss out on the elusive barramundi and wanted to give kayak fishing a go.

Now fishing from a kayak has some advantages from other forms of fishing.

Its quiet, you can get into areas that the larger boats can’t reach, and when you hook up a decent fish there is more give between you and the fish. The fish can tow you around a bit, this is the secret to it.

So Paul and his mates loaded the kayaks, Paul was dead keen to have a go.

Double Pacer Fish Packs
Double Pacer Fish Packs

Loaded up at around 11:30am Saturday.

Kayak Fishing at its best.
Kayak Fishing at its best.

Had a nice fish by just on dark Saturday afternoon.

Thats gotta be some kind of record.


Nice fish
Nice fish

Well done fellas.

Was it a case of beginners luck? maybe not. you gotta be on the water having a go.

These guy gave it a good crack, and the results speak for themselves.

Kayak fishing is the way to go.


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