About Us

Who we are.

We are a family businness that loves the outdoors.

What could be better than going for a paddle, doing a spot of fishing or some bushwalking to keep things real?

At Koastal Kayaks our Management and staff have always been “outdoors people”!

Nothing is quite as much fun as messing around on boats! Big or small.

What we do.

We are manufacturers of quality Poly recreational kayaks, Fishing Kayaks, Sit inside Kayaks and Surf skis.

…and we test everything we sell. (Yes it’s a tough job and somebody has to do it)

So we can appreciate our customers needs we undertake “Research” (heh heh) as often as possible.

Koastal kayaks is based in Bundaberg QLD.

Why we do what we do.


Ok let me expand on that. Recently i was asked why manufacture in Australia when you can buy product from overseas and import it. My answer was, that by manufacturing in Australia we support local suppliers that in turn buy from others. If my business has 3 or 4 employees then they spend their money locally supporting more and more. It creates a stronger local economy for you and me.Thus ensuring a better future for my, and your family.

There are many more benefits such as the envioromental impact. Our kayaks travel 30m from the oven to the front of the factory outlet. Imported kayaks will travel over 7000km. Thats gotta burn some fuel!

This is why we use Australian Made products on our kayaks.

We purchase as much as possible from local suppliers we just ask that you do the same.

Who is Dave Treloar?

I have always been an outdoors type. Having grown up on the land it gave me an appreciation of the environment, natural systems and the limits nature imposes on you.

Getting outdoors has always been a priority for me, early trips on the Obi Obi river near Maleny fostered a love of paddling.

This grew to a few overnight expeditions and then there was no stopping the exploring with kayaks or just camping.

Fitting a bit of fishing in from kayaks or boats is a big part of my life. There is always another trip to be planned and anticipated. Once a year we get away to a boys only fishing trip, usually turns into an epic adventure with plenty of tales to tell.

Making sure our family gets outdoors regularly on camping or kayaking trips is important to us. These outing are what memories are made from. Quite often the kids will comment on things that happened months or years before.

Our Mission at Koastal Kayaks, is to get you and your family into “the right kayak”.

So you too, can enjoy the outdoors for years to come

See You On The Water!


David Treloar

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